Creative Branding & Film Trailers

As Far As I Can Walk


2 minutes or 30 seconds? Doesn't matter, we love it all! From TV to art-house cinema, we are the first Croatian production company professionally specialized in making trailers too.  

We are proud to be a small part of this exciting, urgent, timeless and award-winning project directed by Stefan Arsenijević, produced by Art&Popcorn.

Belje - Baranjski kulen

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Baranja kulen is a traditional cured meat delicacy that has been produced in Baranja since the end of the 19th century. Belje kulen has a brand new packaging and we were there to see where our favourite delicacy comes from.

Princ s Dunava

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The combination of loess (a yellow, porous sediment deposited by Danube winds) and chernozem, rich black soil deposited by the waters of the Danube on its banks, provides favourable conditions for grapevine growing in the region of Baranja. But it was when we met the passionate, knowledgable and hard-working enologists from Belje, that we understood what it takes to make an exquisite wine.


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Salcura Natural Skin Therapy makes highly effective and natural products for anyone suffering from allergic skin conditions. The brand is now present in Croatia and we were invited to present its many benefits.


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UNHCR Croatia continues their work on raising awareness about refugees in our country


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UNHCR Croatia works towards helping stateless people to solve their situation.

History Is Written By Us

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Brigada creating successful spaces is an adventure insured.

Croatia Insurance

case study

The most visited Croatian exhibition in 2017 was part of a bigger campaign, engaging citizens as co-creators.

Crowe - Business Like Sports

image video

We couldn't travel to the finals of he Davis Cup, but we were there in spirit, and, well, in video: -)


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We were there when Perleraj became Cloud&Co…


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3U6BEZA will always bring us to our senses.



We are so, so, proud of our colleagues in INTER FILM and all their projects. We were more than honoured to help them with their makeover