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Pelican / Pelikan

feature length fiction

Original title: Pelikan
Length: 87'
Director: Filip Heraković
Cast: Edi Ćelić, Lucija Barišić, Marko Petrić, Tena Nemet Brankov, Ivan Glowatzky
Writers: Nikolina Bogdanović & Filip Heraković
DOP: Tomislav Krnić
Editor: Iva Ivan
Composer: Matej Merlić
Production Design: Željka Burić
Costume Design: Dubravka Skvrce
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-Producer: Roland Vajs / 199 Marvila Studios
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, The City of Rijeka, Istria Tourist Bord, Croatian Radiotelevision
Workshops & markets: Agora, winner of the Post-production Award

Josip is a football player recovering at a health spa from a knee injury seriously threatening his career. Confronted with a pending life change, he is going through an identity crisis and trying to reinvent himself. After a failed visit from his girlfriend and his best friend, an opportunity arises for him to try something new when being mistaken for someone else at a conference taking place at the hotel he is staying in. 

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The Body / Tijelo


Original title: Telo
Length: 92'
Writer and Director: Petra Seliškar
Cinematography by: Brand Ferro
Editor: Sashko Potter Micevski & Sandra Bastašić
Composer: Vladimir Rakić
Producers: Petra Seliškar & Brand Ferro / PETRA PAN FILM
Co-producers: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY, Sara Ferro / PPFP
Associate producer: Victor Ede
World sales: Lightdox
Co-financed by: Slovenian Film Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Creative Europe - MEDIA, Eurimages

A professional piano player and a former fashion model, Urška had everything going for her before she was struck by the first illness at 28 years of age. Recovering from encephalitis, she had to get to know herself again and learn to live: to walk, to recognise her daughter, to understand - and love - her body that seems to want to destroy her. Years later, just when things were getting better and her life was reaching a semblance of normality, another, more mysterious and insidious disease attacks her. With support from her two daughters and husband, and from her parents with whom she’s always had a complicated relationship, Urška navigates her difficult physical and emotional ups and downs, but never gives in. Despite all the challenges, her love for life is indomitable and the viewer will find themselves immersed in it.


documentary series

Original title: AHA!
Anticipated length: 4 x 52'
Writer and director: Una Radić and Tamara Babun
Cast: Ivan Đuričić
DOP: Tomislav Krnić
Costume design: Katja Šunjić Kudin
Producers: Tamara Babun and Una Radić / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC

AHA! is a travel and science themed series, in which the Croatian actor Ivan Đuričić travels and meets scientists from Croatia, who work at universities and institutes abroad. In their company, he discovers the cities they live in, the cities that shaped them as people.
Discovering their life stories, he seeks the moment of revelation in life, the “Aha!” moment. In the first season, we meet Dražen Prelec in Boston, Nedjeljka Žagar in Hamburg, Ana-Sunčana Smith in Erlangen and Iva Ridjan Skov in Copenhagen. Through the lens of themes such as curiosity, motivation, intuition, cooperation and heritage, this series reveals the science world and imposes some important questions regarding our future.

Back to the Land / Dulum zemlje

documentary series

Original title: Dulum zemlje
Length: s01 4 x 52'
Length: s02 6 x 52'
Authors: Filip Filković Philatz & Tomislav Krnić
Premiere s01: May 9th 2021 on HRT1 (season 1)
Premiere s02: Jan 2th 2023 on HRT1 (season 2)
Sales agent: TBC
Director: Filip Filković Philatz
Cinematographer: Tomislav Krnić
Soundman: Tomislav Rupić
Editors: Ivana Rogić & Ema Carić
Composer: Dubravko Robić
Sound designer: Ivan Zelić
Colorist: Darko Kušlan
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Produced for: Croatian Radiotelevision / HRT

Imagine Croatia as a land of successful, innovative and ecologically sustainable agriculture. Imagine the farmers as accomplished, positive and satisfied people. In spite of numerous challenges and difficulties, there are such visionaries in Croatia, people aware of its agricultural potential who invest their energy, effort and resources into developing it. Each episode of the documentary series Back to the Land presents these pioneers working in various types of agriculture. We learn about the philosophy of living on and off the land, the challenges, problems, persistence, effort, importance of family support and, ultimately, satisfaction which all the emotional, intellectual and financial investment brings to these people and their communities.

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The People are the Way / Put su ljudi

short documentary

Original title: Put su ljudi
Length: 40'
Premiere: TBC
Sales contact: Martina Kolarić
Writer, director and cinematographer: Tomislav Krnić
Editor: Tomislav Rupić
Composer and sound designer: Tomislav Rupić
VO coach: Marina Petković Liker
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Nine complete strangers of different nationalities, ages, religions, interests and desires come together on the pilgrimage route of St. James through Spain. They start their journey in different countries and came to walk a distance of some 800 km over three snow-covered mountains to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in the spring.

Little Star Rising / Kuća male zvijezde


Original title: Kuća Male Zvijezde
Length: 56’ & 75’
Writer and director: Slađana Lučić
Premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2019
Festivals: Sarajevo Film Festival, AJB Doc, CinEast Luxembourg, Windsor International Film Festival, Skopje Women's Rights Nights, Tokyo Lift-Off, SEE Film Fest Los Angeles, Underhill Fest, Pula Film Festival, Aman International Film Festival
Sales agent: FeelSales
Cinematographers: Vjeran Hrpka, Mirsad Hodžić
Soundman: Almir Kozić
Editor: Ana Štulina
Composer: Merima Ključo
Sound designer: Ivan Zelić
Colorist: Darko Kušlan
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Lejla Dedić, Sead Kreševljaković / Al Jazeera Balkans
Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, crowdfunding backers (please see list on the

Little Star Rising is a feature-length documentary about a young woman whose first memories are those of walking in front of a tank with her mother and sister, banished from a village where she was born. When you see her today, you would never guess the story of her childhood. She is that person in the room that will have the broadest smile, that person in the group that will tell you all will be well, that lady in your city that will kick you in the butt and make you fight for your happiness. Whatever happens, she has seen worse. She is Nudžejma Softić, the woman who put her running shoes on at the age of 28 and by the age of 30 became one of the first women to run a marathon in Europe while wearing a hijab and the first covered European to compete at the IronMan triathlon.  

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Paradise / Raj

short fiction

Original title: Raj
Length: 25’
Directors: Mitja Ličen, Sonja Prosenc
Premiere: Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož 2019
Festivals: Festival of Slovenian Film 2019 – Vesna Award for Best Short Film, Pula Film Festival 2020, Croatian Film Days 2020, K# Film Festival Villach

Written by: Despina Ladi
Cast: Judita Franković Brdar, Matej Puc, Saša Pavlin Stosič, Jernej Kogovšek
Cinematographer: Mitja Ličen
Editor: Ivana Fumić
Production design: Katja Šoltes
Make-up artist: Tina Šubic
Costume design: Tina Bonča
Sound design: Julij Zornik
Producers: Sonja Prosenc, Rok Sečen / MONOO
Co-producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Katja Šoltes – scenographer and architect
Co-financed and supported by: Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film Studio, Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Anna and Lars are staying on a remote Mediterranean island for the summer holidays. It feels like paradise, until an unexpected encounter puts their relationship to the test, pushing them to re-evaluate what they want from each other.

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Funk YU


Original title: Funk Yu
Anticipated length: 70'
Writer and director: Franko Dujmić
DOP: Frane Pamić
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Centre of Montenegro, REACT Development Fund
Expected completion date: March 2022

Franko is an editor and an animator. He wants to be a musician, but has no talent whatsoever. So, he decides to be a DJ. In this film he is searching for one, mythical, record of exemplary Yugoslav funk. On his journey we meet people whose lives revolve around records and music and whose passion is immune to other earthly concerns. 

A Year of Endless Days / Godina prođe, dan nikako


Original title: Godina prođe, dan nikako
Anticipated length: 80'
Writer and director: Renata Lučić
DOP: Marinko Marinkić
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Expected completion date: June 2022

A Year of Endless Days follows two men from a small village in the eastern part of Croatia, Tomislav and Joso. They are in their 50s and we find them living without their wives. Mostly in search of means for a better life, these women went to work abroad a few years back. They found new partners and moved there permanently. We are introduced to the film by the director, who is also the narrator, and the protagonist of the film Renata. She is Tomislav’s daughter, and the story begins with her coming to her home village to visit her father. Throughout the film, Renata follows Tomislav and Joso in their daily life routines. During their comic social gatherings, the two friends often have conversation where, besides having a good time, they complain and lament, and through their communication we discover their life stories and we understand and get to know them as people. The film is mostly based on the observation mode from Renata's perspective, but at times she is participating by asking the guys questions, discussing something with them and also taking part in their activities. She is trying to untangle the complex web of emotions in her disintegrated family and to understand why her parents made the decisions they did, why some people stay and some people go and how come it is that she also ran away from the village in which she was born, like most women and young people did.

One Day Something (Terrible) Is Going To Happen / Jednog dana dogodit će se nešto (strašno)

short fiction

Original title: Jednog dana dogodit će se nešto (strašno)
Anticipated length: 15'
Writer and director: Dalija Dozet
Cast: Lana Meniga, Tanja Smoje, Sven Jakir, Vinko Kraljević
DOP: Luka Matić
Costume design: Katja Šunjić Kudin
Production designer: Denis Rubinić
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Zagreb

Maša’s idle daily routines, caring for her sick mother Milica and random waves of creativity, are interrupted by the sudden news of the death of an unknown man.

The Fighter / Borac


Original title: Borac
Anticipated length: 80'
Writer and director: Damir Markovina
DOP: Tomislav Krnić
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Damir Markovina / Osoba D
Executive producer: Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

THE FIGHTER is a film about the final sum of a moral life and repercussions of consistent political choices on one’s family, safety and social position. The author’s father Roko Markovina is living his retirement days restoring old boats on an island. From this point in his life we go back in time and revisit Roko’s role in politics during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he relentlessly advocated for peace and against nationalism. He survived several assassinations attempts and his whole family had to leave the country as both war and political refugees. Through archive materials we find out about his political activity and position. Through the newly filmed material we understand what the consequences of his activity are on him and the life path his family members were thrown in and if there are any regrets on his part. Damir Markovina, the director of the film, will participate in front of the camera as an active character and the challenging father-son relationship will play a significant role in how the story reveals itself to the audience.

Parenthood / Roditeljstvo

Original title: Roditeljstvo
Anticipated length: 120'
Writer and director: Katarina Zrinka Matijević
DOP: Tomislav Krnić & Vjeran Hrpka
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Expected completion date: May 2023

Following the saying "helping your child find the right path will make you lose your own", the director uses a film camera to record moments of happiness, wonder, love, but also challenges, insecurities, fears, and burdens of parenthood. In painfully honest and humorous interviews with parents, she engages in an exchange of experiences on various parenting methods; with a couple awaiting their first child, she remembers the birth of her own daughter; and through observation of children playing and mimicking their parents' relationships, she offers an extensive film study of parenthood.

Redemption / Iskupljenje

feature length fiction

Writer and Director: Sonja Prosenc
Cast: Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandić, Mila Bezjak, Aliocha Schneider, Judita Franković Brdar
Anticipated length: 100'
DOP: Mitja Ličen
Editor: Ivana Fumić
Producer: Sonja Prosenc & Rok Sečen / Monoo, Slovenia
co-producer: Jarle Bjørknes / Incitus Films, Norway
co-producer: Tamara Babun / Wolfgang & Dolly, Croatia
Co-financed by: Slovenian Film Centre, Ministero della Cultura Italia, HAVC Croatian Audivisual Centre, FVG Fondo Audiovisivo, Film Centre Serbia, RTV SLO.
Supported by: MEDIA Creative Europe

A dark comedy drama.

After a young stranger enters the family household, the seemingly ideal family image is put to a test, the dysfunctional relationships and  family’s unrealistic and non-emphatic view of the world that surrounds them are soon to be revealed.


Mother Revolution / Majka revolucija


Original title: Majka revolucija
Anticipated length: 80'
Writers: Nikolina Bogdanović, Damir Čučić, Slaven Zečević
Director: Damir Čučić
DOP: Boris Poljak
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Creative Europe – MEDIA

In a dystopian future, three women decide to take on the struggle to fight for a better tomorrow for their society. 

Stop Me if You Can / Zaustavi me ako možeš

Original title: Zaustavi me ako možeš
Anticipated length: 90'
Writer and director: Bruna Bajić
Producers: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Stop Me if You Can is a documentary devoted to the incredible power and strength of human beings and the awakening to the realisation that we should quit letting life happen to us and start becoming people who happen to life. The film follows the obstacles and dilemmas of the Paralympic swimmer Dino Sinovčić as he works towards becoming the best version of himself in all senses. 

Curious Ana / Znatiželjna Ana

Children's television series

Original title: Znatiželjna Ana
Anticipated length: 26 x 26'
Author and showrunner: Aleksandar Arsovski
Writers: Aleksandar Arsovski, Veno Mušinović, Marija Androić, Ninoslav Mevelj, Matej Sudarić i Vida Zelić
Producers: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković, Aleksandar Arsovski / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC

Twelve-year-old Ana got the idea to transform her father's unused garage into a small laboratory where she and her best friend Peter can launch their own show. Eva, Ana's doll, is also joining their team. / Ž


Original title: Ž
Anticipated length: 110'
Writer and director: Katarina Zrinka Matijević
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, REACT Development Fund

Jelena Zrinski was proclaimed the bravest woman in Europe, but she died exiled in Asia Minor. Ivana Brlić Mažuranić is the most translated children's books author in the world, who took her own life by hanging herself in a Zagreb sanatorium. Nasta Rojc is a painter whose paintings call for a revision of the start date of the European avant-garde. But during her lifetime, she was never appreciated by her professional environment and, due to her sexual orientation and uninhibited personality, she was excluded from public life. The destinies of the three heroines are intertwined in the imagined world between life and death through a series of events, both tragic and comic, as they search for their greatest loves - a son, a doctor and a wife - and find their true selves.

Night Waves / Noćni valovi

Original title: Noćni valovi
Anticipated length: 90'
Writer and Director: Filip Heraković
Producer: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Danijel, a young Uber driver in a touristic city, becomes preoccupied with the fate of a young Danish tourist who vanishes without a trace after he cancels her ride.

Midnight in a Perfect World / Ponoć, u savršenom svijetu

Original title: Ponoć u savršenom svijetu
Anticipated length: 110'
Writer and director: Una Radić
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Creative Europe – MEDIA

"My name is Marko. If Egypt doesn't release 45 Muslim women from prison within 72 hours, I will be executed" - ISIS has just blackmailed a small and usually unimportant country of Croatia. Soon these shocking words will intertwine the destiny of three different people. Leo, a former security agent who gave up on everything after his wife’s death and moved to a tiny island where he lives a Robinsonian lifestyle. Maja, a foreign affairs minister with a troubled marriage, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Sophie, a foreigner currently living in Croatia, whose worst fear, up until her husband Marko got kidnapped, was losing him to another woman. Together, they set off on a rescue mission. A series of events will demonstrate the helplessness of a few good people against greater economic interests and the three lead characters will realise there is nothing left to hope for, except the promise of a new life Sophie could bring to this world.

The Window Across The Street / Prozor preko puta

Original title: Prozor preko puta
Anticipated length: 90'
Writer and director: Katarina Zrinka Matijević
Producers: Tamara Babun & Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Sanja, a high-profile bank manager, realizes her bank organized a scheme to purposefully deceive clients and decides to do something about it. She spends nights copying documents in an office overlooking the window of the journalist, Ilko, who will turn out to be her voice to the public.

The Mystery Of Fisheye / Tajna ribljeg oka

Original title: Tajna ribljeg oka
Anticipated length: 90'
Writer: Hrvoje Kovačević
Producer: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Domagoj, a boy with vivid imagination who is rarely taken seriously by anyone, finds himself right in the middle of a great adventure because of a family painting that was supposedly painted by the famous Vincent van Gogh.

Zanki / Zanki


Original title: Gnjurac
Anticipated length: 70' i 52'
Writer and Director: Marcella Zanki
Producer: Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

The author of the film returns to her family's island to fully develop her relationship with her father, who devoted his life to the depths of the sea. Painting a portrait of her father with a film, the author tries to find the answer to whether it is necessary to go so far (and deep) from civilization in order to live to the fullest, or can we learn to breathe on land as well.