Little Star Rising

original title: Kuća Male Zvijezde
anticipated lenth: 52’ & 75’
writer and director: Slađana Lučić
production stage: completed
premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2019

Cinematographers: Vjeran Hrpka, Mirsad Hodžić
Soundman: Almir Kozić
Editor: Ana Štulina
Composer: Merima Ključo
Sound designer: Ivan Zelić
Colorist: Darko Kušlan
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Lejla Dedić, Sead Kreševljaković / Al Jazeera Balkans
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre

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She set out to complete a triathlon and ended up changing lives. 


short documentary
anticipated length: 22’
director: Tomislav Krnić
production stage: post-production
to be completed: 2019

Written by: Tomislav Krnić
Cinematographer: Tomislav Krnić
Editor: Una Radić
Producers: Tomislav Krnić. Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC

Nine complete strangers of different nationalities, ages, religions, interests and desires come together on the pilgrimage route of St. James through Spain. They start their journey in different countries and came to walk a distance of some 800 km over three snow-covered mountains to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in the spring.


short fiction
length: 25’
directors: Mitja Ličen, Sonja Prosenc
production stage: completed, not yet released
year of production: 2019

Written by: Despina Ladi
Cast: Judita Franković Brdar, Matej Puc, Saša Pavlin Stosič, Jernej Kogovšek
Cinematographer: Mitja Ličen
Production design: Katja Šoltes
Make up artist: Tina Šubic
Costume design: Tina Bonča
Sound design: Julij Zornik
Producers: Sonja Prosenc, Rok Sečen / MONOO
Co-producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-producer: Katja Šoltes – scenografinja in arhitektka
Co-financed and supported by: Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film Studio, Croatian Audiovisual Centre

With a dream-like atmosphere this visually impressive story on the trail of the French new wave follows a couple on vacation trying to breathe new passion into their relationship, inspired by an unexpected circumstance.” (Croatian audiovisual centre)

Funk YU

feature length animated documentary
anticipated length: 70’
director: Franko Dujmić
production stage: in development
to be completed: 2022

Written by: Franko Dujmić
Cinematographer: Tomislav Krnić
Producer: Tamara Babun / WOLFGANG & DOLLY LLC
Co-financed and supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre (script development, project development), The City of Zagreb, The City of Rijeka, The City of Dubrovnik, RE:ACT

Franko wants to make a film about Yugoslav funk and the obsession with vinyl records. To complete the film, he  needs to track down the single “Ulica Jorgovana”/"Lilac Street".  He gathers a film crew and decides to go on a quest. He might not find the record, but he will surely find his tribe.