About Us

Wolfgang&Dolly are based in Zagreb, Croatia from where they explore the world, both for business and pleasure. The team unites film professionals with an international outlook and local expertise, joining forces to work on a variety of projects.

Tamara Babun

producer and managing director

Tamara Babun lives and works in Zagreb where she sometimes runs. She also runs in Split and Istanbul and Moscow and many other inviting cities, because she especially loves to travel if there is going to be a nice race at the destination or if she is filming with her crew. Ah... filming… True love lasts a lifetime! Tamara started exploring her creative nerve when she was just a little girl and hasn’t stopped since. That is why she studied production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, again in Zagreb, and went on to work in film (okay, a bit of TV now and then, some theatre and a pinch of festival work). Although she played nice with bosses as much as was possible and still loves to learn from the big girls and boys, chimes of freedom sounded sweet, so she started Wolfgang & Dolly LLC.

Una Radić

film director and senior promo producer

Una Radić lives and works in Zagreb but loves to travel as far away as possible and investigate places and people that are-out-of-this-world exciting. Her unsteady spirit affects her work in the most generous of ways enabling her to treat the material she needs to film or edit as an exciting journey that is both surprising and breathes authenticity. She studied film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb where she served proudly as an elaborately annoying character for most of her teachers and mentors and was proclaimed a designer more than a director. This proved both wrong and useful in her work. She was Head of On Air Promotion at The Croatian National Television managing it for 4 nation-wide channels and loved the adrenalin, but the call of Wolfgang&Dolly in the making was music to her ears and she couldn’t miss out on that dance.

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