About Us

Tamara Babun started W&D in 2017 with a desire to produce creative audio-visual works that tackle
socially relevant topics and safeguard a drop of hope for the audience. In 2021 the team of collaborators is much wider than in the beginning, its core members including producer Matija Drniković, promo producer and director Una Radić and production assistant Aleksandar Arsovski.

We aim to inspire, educate, and entertain.

We are dedicated to developing talent and steady relationships with our co-creators.

We work daily on original documentary, fiction and animated content and are not afraid to try producing hybrid experiences either.

We do our best to be diligent, creative, fundraising and service co-producers.

We collaborate with specific brands who benefit from our creative approach to their promo production.

We are keen on knowing and understanding our audiences and creating tailor made promotion strategies for our audio-visual works.

We believe the workplace should be an inclusive and kind place where excellent results are achieved through mutual respect, hard work and a common willingness to solve challenges and problems as a

"If there's anything I hate more than not being taken seriously, it's being taken too seriously."

Billy Wilder

Tamara Babun

producer and managing director

Tamara was born in Zagreb (then SR Croatia – Yugoslavia, now Republic of Croatia - EU) in 1985 and she graduated there from the Academy of Dramatic Arts (Production Department) in 2009. She began working in 2006, while still in school. Her first professional steps were made in independent theatre, but after a few projects there and a brief encounter with the Zagreb Youth Theatre, the love of film prevailed. She was the producer of ZagrebDox Pro programme 2011-2015 and worked as an executive producer for the production company Factum 2012-2016. During her management, ZagrebDox Pro became a MEDIA-financed continuous training program and grew from a small regional event to a relevant international boutique event. After a decade of extensive experience in producing films, videos and theatre, she started her own company in 2017 - Wolfgang & Dolly LLC. She took part in the Eurimages gender equality ad hoc working group in Strasbourg, has done consultancy work for Romedia Foundation from Budapest and has worked on different legislative agendas as Managing board and Supervisory board member of the Croatian Producers' Association. She is currently a member of the FIAPF Executive Committee. She co-wrote the script for iISLAND, the first cross-media project from the region. In recent years Tamara took part in the Emerging Producers training, Ex Oriente, local EURODOC workshop, Sarajevo Talent Campus, IDFA Academy, LIM Development Angels, Screen Leaders and is the 2019 EAVE Producers Workshop graduate. She also serves as lecturer and/or mentor at workshops organized by the CED – MEDIA Office Croatia & Mediterranean Film Festival Split,  DOKSrbija and Distribute This! You can check out her filmography on her IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2829008/

Tamara is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, she prefers to spend time at the seaside, loves to cook, was hesitant about reading books until she finally got her hands on Dr Dolittle at the age of nine and has a hard time determining her favourite films, but would always put Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot on top of that list. She prefers to live life as though everything is a miracle. 

Matija Drniković


Matija Drniković was born in Zagreb in 1993. He graduated in audiovisual production from the Academy of Dramatic Art. He has been actively professionally involved in film industry from his early days of studying film. He worked at Nukleus film where he was involved in different international film productions. He was a creative writer at Nanobit, the biggest video game company in Croatia. He was mainly responsible for creating storylines, stories and various content for narrative-driven mobile games. He’s currently working with Wolfgang&Dolly and is involved in all of the company’s projects. Matija has won two business plans and pitching start-up competitions with his virtual reality application and a video game. He participated in numerous workshops such as Screen Leaders, EAVE Marketing, Sarajevo Talents, MAIA, Midpoint TV Launch and Al-Jazeera Balkans documentary workshop. Matija is the youngest member of the Wolfang & Dolly family and he likes to rub that information in Tamara’s and Una’s faces all the time. He is fascinated by films and video games and he tries to combine those two passions within the same projects whenever possible. He is equally fascinated by films from the Greek new wave and films such as Matilda, the psychic girl. As a matter of fact, he saw Matilda seven times! His film career goal is to produce a very special arthouse version of Matilda.

Una Radić

film director and senior promo producer

Una Radić is a writer, director and promo producer who graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Throughout her career in the media, she worked on various projects occupying different positions from assistant director, dramaturge, TV director, to trailer editor. As a promo producer and head of on-air promotion she delivered more than 400 trailers and campaigns for films, TV series and special projects across four national channels of Croatian Radio Television. Today she is part of the Wolfgang&Dolly production company team where she works on film promotion and different creative projects. She was a member of the Association of Entertainment Marketing Professionals Promax BDA and additionally trained at European Broadcasting Union, EAVE and Sources 2 programmes. She is a lecturer at the distribution and documentary film promotion workshop Distribute This! She currently works on the development of her feature length film: Midnight in a Perfect World, produced by Wolfgang&Dolly, supported by MEDIA and HAVC development funding. Occasionally she even engages in other art media like theatre. She is the author of video content for William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar produced by Zorin dom, adapted and directed by Ivan Đuričić. In her spare time, she loves to travel as far away as possible and investigate places and people that are-out-of-this-world exciting. Her curious and unsteady spirit affects her work in the most generous of ways because she knows life is like Fellini’s film, an adventure worth taking. 

Aleksandar Arsovski

Junior producer

Aleksandar Arsovski (born September 11, 1996) is a film director and producer. He was born in Veles, Macedonia. He completed his undergraduate studies in "Film and TV Directing"; at the Film Academy at Goce Delčev University in Štip, Macedonia (2015-2018), and then continued his graduate studies in "Production of Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects"; at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb., where he graduated in February 2022.
He has also worked in the field of film distribution for period of 5 years, as a coordinator on the VOD platform www.cinesquare.net and as a coordinator at a several film festivals held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Aleksandar is producer of a several projects as: „Alone“ by Borna Zidarić, „Tobacco Shop“ by Dora Slakoper, „Ženska Rađa“ by Ljubica Kotromanović, „Mother“ by Gjorgji Lazov etc. He has worked on various projects: feature and documentary films, and television drama series. Some of them are: "God exists, her name is Petrunya"; directed by Teona S. Mitevska, "Into the Night"; Netflix TV series, „A Mermaid in Paris“ by Mathias Malzieu, "Dar-Mar"; Nova TV, etc.
Aleksandar is currently working with Wolfgang & Dolly and is involved in some of the company’s projects, but also developing new concepts for television.

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