WOLFGANG&DOLLY was founded by producer Tamara Babun and soon joined by director Una Radić, after more than a decade of extensive experience working on films, videos, in theatre and promotion. The company is developing two lines of projects. We produce on-line and TVC videos for clients who have amazing brands and projects and need to show them to the world in all their glory. We also develop and produce creative documentaries, author-driven fiction films, TV series and innovative online formats.

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Princ s Dunava

The combination of loess (a yellow, porous sediment deposited by Danube winds) and chernozem, rich black…

Crowe - Business Like Sports

We couldn't travel to the finals of he Davis Cup, but we were there in spirit, and, well, in video:-)


UNHCR Croatia works towards helping stateless people to solve their situation.

Belje - Baranjski kulen

Baranja kulen is a traditional cured meat delicacy that has been produced in Baranja since the end of the 19th century. Belje kulen has a brand new packaging and we were there to see where our favourite…